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Lentil Soups, quinoa squares—so many recipes!

Crema. What is in the definition of the word “crema”? A nice sounding word with a yummy flavor behind it. That is the motivation of this website—a comfortable and relaxed place to digest food ideas. Write, think, read, it doesn’t matter if you went to Harvard or to your community school, this is a place is for you.

We have a strong commitment to quality. From pastry to coffee recipes, this is our speciality. We showcase our ingredients and make sure they are homemade. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Atmosphere is important here. Whether food or beverage is why you are here we hope to serve you. Create a bookmark to make sure you will return to this place. Here you are are not second or third—you come first!

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Breakfast, Sandwiches, Soup, oh my!

There are so many delicious dishes to choose from in the world. From simple oatmeal to a scrambled egg pesto parfait the possibilities are endless. This site will be devoted to bringing you the very best of everything.

Sandwiches go great with a side salad. Don’t forget the cheese and hummus. If you are not gluten free consider adding whole wheat bread you won’t regret it. Make sure you have a side of soup (a cup will do). Stay tuned for more great suggestions.

If you are a baker you’re in luck, brownies, cakes, and tarts can just make your day. While eating something from a bakery don’t forget to have some coffee on the side. Cappuccino or macchiatos are actually quite easy to make at home but you can also go to your local cafe for a latte if you aren’t particularly skilled.