Cupcake Wars!

Sometimes everything in the cooking world is not just about recipes and the food itself. I myself am a huge fan of cooking shows, they are one of my all time favorite types of reality tv. Well, besides the hills, I mean who can resist watching all that drama, especially when Kristin Cavallari showed up and shook up the whole dynamic of the show, those were some of my favorite episodes even after Lauren left. But cooking tv will always hold a special place in my heart. I grew up watching Emeril Lagasse and Rachel Ray in the kitchen. I’d watch with my family while preparing and cleaning up after dinner. But also on my own during long hours on the weekends when I was learning to bake something. There would be back to back cooking competitions, all day long. Needless to say, I loved it so when the new show cupcake wars came to food network I was so excited to tune in.

Cooking shows are tons of fun because the possibilities are endless. There are simply tons of recipes to choose from and within those, tons of variations and preparations styles. I’m not surprised that celebrity chefs are so popular these days. Anyways back to cupcake wars. What’s great about cupcake wars is that the show is exactly as it sounds, about cupcakes! So if you like cupcakes you will know to tune into this show and this one specifically. One might say, cupcakes…why cupcakes? Why not just desserts or sweets or treats of something of a wider niche? But I would say, why not cupcakes? They are just mini cakes, what’s not to like? They are single serving and you can do so much with them. Like you can even stack them up and make a tower, you can give them out to guests at any type of function, and you can bake them for special events like baby showers. And don’t forget the filling! With filling you can multiply the possibilities. Simply put, cupcakes are amazing.

In cupcake wars skilled bakers take basic kitchen cupcakes to a whole new level, even putting things like sweet potatoes and other savory foods into them. But when you really think about recipes like pumpkin pie and carrot cake, you realize that there’s not much difference in the end. Basically how cupcake wars works since it is a reality tv show and what better place to host it than in the sunny city of entertainment: Los Angeles. LA is great because of the hot weather and of course it’s great culinary scene. There are so many famous restaurants in LA and in California in general, I went to a few when I visited there some years ago but there are just so many more it feels like you’ve never eaten at them all.

Basically there are judges, sometimes they are celebrity chefs and sometimes other guests who are famous people. Then the contestants compete, there are a few rounds and some are eliminated during each round. As the rounds continue the competition definitely gets more intense. But the cupcakes are so beautiful and look super tasty. The one thing I always regret while watching baking shows is that I can’t eat the food myself, but oh well, I’ll just have to enjoy the show.