Travel Themed Wedding Table

Themed weddings are just so much fun. Putting together table spreads and photographing them is a talent that few have and just about everyone can learn. Tables can be so sweet, especially when they are filled with sweet treats! Cakes, cupcakes, and other sugary delights turn a table spread into delicious from just a vintage cool look. A travel theme is great because couples can put in pictures of their recent travels aka a history of their relationship right into the theme. It’s definitely something worth pinning for later.

With the inspiration of travel in mind, a wide variety of desserts are possible. Food after all comes from different locales in the world. So creating a table spread just from treats from around the globe is already right with the travel-theme. Buttercream chocolate or other old-time desserts really steal the show here. Travel is not just exotic but cooking through the ages really brings the theme into reality. For the purpose of pictures, don’t forget the cookie cutters! Heart shaped and word shaped cookies are so easy to make and really help solidify the theme to the camera. Try spelling out the names of the bride and groom, vanilla or other flavored icing shows great on film as well. Putting together a travel themed wedding table can be a lot of work but is definitely worth it, you will treasure the pictures of all the cakes and sweets and a beautify table for years to come!