fruit salad

yogurt parfait a homemade banana compote makes this delicious

egg sandwich with a toast or bagel and so many add-ons to choose such as cheese.

quiche vegetarian or made with cage free eggs

oatmeal cereal coconut, cranberries, with a dash of butter and milk

homemade cream cheese add onions, lox, and cream cheese with a pinch of aromatic herbs

Sometimes I like things a touch on the sweeter side

Fig Jam hot toasted brioche

Peanut Butter who doesn’t like homemade peanut butter?

soups Yummy soups that change daily are a great way to spruce up you meal. Don’t forget to serve them with a slice of freshly toasted homemade bread. Watch your portion size whether it’s a




Greek salad Design a salad with cucumbers, peppers, and olives dresses up plain lettuce.

quinoa salad pistachios, cheese, scallions, oh my! Top it off with a big of vinaigrette

thai salad peanuts give it a distinct flavor, top it off the napa cabbage with tofu or even tuna.

prepared sandwiches

Sandwiches are totally delicious, don’t stop at just what is available in the deli isle, expand your search to the entire grocery store when prepping lunch. Fillings can range from mushrooms, to avocado, and even to tofu. Breads can be homemade or store bought, brioche is always a great choice but so are other types such as rye and French baguette. Regardless of the type of bread you choose you mush ALWAYS toast it. Even if you are eating the sandwich tomorrow you should still toast it, it really makes a difference. This is also the same for cheese, simply tossing in cold cheese is nothing compared to melting it first and maybe even browning it a bit.