Tandem - La Folie, Guatemala

Coffee Love

Just like everything else at Crema, our coffee program is a blend of technique, creativity and pure awesome. Our baristas are constantly experimenting with the shots we pull and the coffee we brew. The attention to detail is present not only in the taste, but also in the beautiful latte art atop your handcrafted beverage. We use George Howell Coffee Co. (GHCC) as our house roaster, based right in Acton, MA. George Howell is dedicated to delivering the finest quality beans with a passion for freshness and superior taste; you should see this guy at a cupping, he lights up like a kid in a candy shop! Since GHCC is a local roaster we have the privilege of visiting the roastery regularly to learn, taste and chat with the one and only Mr. George Howell himself. The amount of coffee love going on over here is ludicrous!

In late 2011, after discussing our coffee love at length; we decided to expand our program to include guest roasters from across the country. The goal of the guest program is to expose our customers to the wide variety of stellar coffees available. All the coffees we use for the guest program are single-origin light roasts. We believe these to be the most pleasing to the palette in terms of really tasting what punch that little bean has to offer. You may find yourself giggling or rolling your eyes at a bag of coffee that describes its flavor profile as, “sweet cherry aromatics with hints of guava and an underlying tone of earthy melon rind” – as do we at times – but if you find yourself ever tasting with us at Crema you may be shocked by the crazy flavors you can find deep in your cup o’ joe! Each roaster brings something special to the table and we love working with other fanatics who share our passion for all things coffee.

                  SOME FEATURED ROASTERS: